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Imagine your account becomes others account or your money is expended before you knew it. It will be horrible. Moreover, it will be alarming if it happens to your surrounding people. However, these things happen even now on the Facebook account of students.

Facebook is a social network service based in Menlo Park, California. The reason why many students use this application today is that they can easily and quickly access their friends' news, access unlimited video calls, messages, and more in the Internet zone, and make friendly relationships with many people. In addition, a lot of information can be obtained through the rapid spread of information, and satisfaction can be gained from the attention of many people.

▲ The screen about verification code

However, if there is again, there is a loss. In other words, there are not just advantages but also disadvantages to using Social Media. First, you can get a call from someone you do not know, so you can easily expose your information to weird people. In fact, adults often receive prostitution or threatening messages from students. In addition, the disadvantage of spreading information rapidly is that even wrong information spreads easily. This can lead to misunderstanding. Another problem is the students' misused of SNS as it is used a lot among them. The problem these days is the need to grant authentication number requests. It is just normal to us, but it is a serious problem among teenagers these days. They ask others for a KakaoTalk account or ask for a mobile phone number and authentication number. KakaoTalk accounts are sold to adults, and perpetrators use their status to receive money and use their information to join an illegal sports game prediction site called "Live Score."

▲ news that talk about the new school crime in Internet

In the future, adults should pay more attention to reducing these damages and using Facebook more safely and soundly, and we should solve the problem as soon as possible through education and surveys in schools.


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