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Do you know about Choongang High School? It has 110 years of history which is also famous for the drama "Dokkebi" Also, do you know about Choongang High School's most famous festival, the Seokjeon festival? Choong Ang High School hosted the 52nd annual Seokjeon festival which is now one of the school's traditions.

Statue: founder of Choogang High school

This festival, the Seokjeon festival, is meaningful because it is directly promoted by the students. Every year, students continue their tradition with pride through the festival. All students are included with the corporation of their own club, and each of them prepares for the festival. There are many programs such as the interaction between the clubs and the student council, selling food, performing hip-hop, band, vocal, and conducting various experience activities by the science classes.

Another unique feature of the festival, Seokjeon festival, is that guests have access to the different team performances from girls' high school students and teachers as well. Those who come will truly enjoy the festival. The boys of Choong Ang High School like this moment the most. After this festival, the school always interviews the guests. Most guests are in favor of the festival, and this is one of the reasons why it is held every year. Choong Ang High School is thoroughly prepared for safety from the accidents that may occur due to a large number of guests and donate some of the proceeds from the festival.

However, Choongang High School has not hosted this interesting festival since August 23, 2019. The coronavirus crisis has made it difficult for many people to gather in one place. The new students of Choongang High School are sad that they cannot hold the festival. I hope the festival can be held again next year.

▲ This picture is the scene of the Seokjeon festival two years ago. Guests from various schools are enjoying the festival.

By Lee jeong Hoon


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