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Nowadays, because of COVID-19, many Korean people enjoy vacation-at-home called homecance. In the capital area, they can meet up to four people before 6 PM and up to two people after 6 PM from August 9 to 22. For the same term, in a noncapital area, they can get together up to four people, but they should be fully vaccinated.

Kang Seol-ah who spent her vacation at home was supposed to visit Jeju Island for vacation. However, she canceled it and chose to spend a safe vacation at home. She bought a small tent and decorated it with light bulbs at home to make a camping mood. She was not tired of staying at home because she bought a new television to watch Summer Olympics during vacation. She did not have to cook, drive, and worry about mosquitoes, and she could get fresh foods by ordering through a fast delivery. For other people, a celebrity on Naver bought a mini pool and installed it at home to enjoy a little swimming.

▲ vacation-at-home

The best way for people who want to meet their friends during the pandemic is doing an online party. young people can hold home parties connecting with their friends online. Also, some people who just became 20 in 2021 can enjoy drinking with their friends online and upload it on YouTube to share. For them, an online party will be the best way to play with their friends nowadays.

▲ holding online show

There is a survey with online payment service provider Lotte Members, and 3100 out of 5000 answered that they have no plan for this summer vacation. Statistics say that home vacation will be a trend this summer. Many Korean people will pass on outdoor activities during summer vacation. I believe we can overcome this pandemic situation.

▲ survey of vacation plan

By Moon Jeong-won


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