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In the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, many players showed off their talent. Some players retired, so it was the last time that they could show off their talent. The Taekwondo star, Lee Dae-Hoon was one of them.

He started to learn Taekwondo when he was five years old. He was influenced by his father who is a Taekwondo teacher. He was selected as a national athlete in the Asian Games when he was 18. That was the result of his constant effort. He won a gold medal in the Asian Games. He also won a gold medal in the World Championship. Also, he won a gold medal again in another Asian Games, and he won a silver medal in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Also, he won a bronze medal in the Rio Olympic games 2016. After the Olympics in 2016, he won first prize in the Grand Slam, World Championship, and Asian Games. After, he took some rest in his career, and in 2021, he competed again in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

▲ Lee Dae-Hoon won a gold medal in Asian Games

Lee Dae-Hoon was eliminated in round 16. However, he was able to compete with Zhao Shuai to get a bronze medal by consolation. He was defeated by Zhao Shuai with the scores of 15 versus 17. Since he had a blister, there were scenes that he suffered from it. However, he did not give up. He had a very good match with Zhao Shuai. Lee Dae-Hoon said that he was happy to show the great matches. He also said that he wanted the Taekwondo rules to be changed. He said that he wanted more aggressive matches. Now, Taekwondo matches are very protective and passive. Finally, he is planning to start his career as a coach.

▲ Lee Dae-Hoon in Tokyo 202 Summer Olympics

Many people are expressing their sadness about the fact that the Taekwondo start of South Korea decided to retire. Otherwise, many people are expecting Lee Dae-Hoon to show a good talent in coaching players.

By Seo Jun Woo


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