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Because of the sweltering days in summer, vacationers spend their days in a place where they can throw off the steamy heat. For them, beaches and valleys are classic vacation destinations to enjoy a cool and exciting break. However, during water play, accidents are constantly appearing especially in valleys. There are 33 people out of 158 who lost one's life during water play in the entire nation for the last 5 years, and these incidents happened in a valley.

On July 24th, in a downtown valley in Busan, one high school student lost his life during water play with his friends. It happened in Aegiso valley which was designated as a water play safety spot in 2016. This valley is about 1.6 to 2 meters in depth. However, since the valley's water looks shallow but deeper than what one sees, it can be very dangerous. Moreover, in this valley, there was 14 safety personnel, but only 4 of them had a life rescue license. Actually, most of the valley's safety staff are about the fifties and sixties local residents and the majority of them do not have any license.

▲ picture of Busan Aegiso valley

In a valley, there are more risk factors compared to a beach. Since the depth of the valley's water can be confusing because of some moss on the rocks and bowers, diving in a valley can be a big danger. Also, the swirl under the waterfall and the hyperventilation when you cannot recognize the lack of oxygen can lead to drowning accidents. Also, strong currents and swollen water levels after rain can be dangerous.

It is important to have full knowledge about safety rules. You must check the weather forecast before you visit a valley. You should not go into the water right after you intake any food, and you should wear shoes to prevent sliding accidents and put on a well-fitting life vest. A light warm-up exercise is essential to lessen the heart's burden, and permeating the body with water before going into the water is also important. You should enjoy the water play with more than two people in a safe place. When you see someone fell into the water, you should rescue him or her by using the surrounding tools instead of trying a reckless rescue.

▲ life vest is essential while water play

To enjoy a perfect vacation in the summertime, it is important to strictly follow the safety rules and pay a particular concern while enjoying your break in a valley.

By Kim Won Hwi

August 14th, 2021


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