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▲ Leaders from both member and guest nations pose for a picture.

The Group of Seven (G7) Summit was held from June 11 to 13 in Cornwall, the UK.

In addition to the member states, the Republic of Korea (ROK) was invited as a guest state

to this meeting – its second participation ever since 2008.

ROK has certified its omnipresence in the international community during the recent G7 Summit

and the Seoul-Washington Summit. By adopting the Seoul Declaration during the P4G Summit, 

the Asian Tiger has established its leading role in confronting global environmental climate change. 

Furthermore, ROK has made its seat at the big table as a prelude for democracy

and technology, taking the reins for the well-being of the international economy, state-of-affairs, 

and pending issues. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

has recognized ROK as a developed country, prompting its move-up to the major leagues.  

This has elevated ROK’s status in the global society extensively.  

During the G7 conference, ROK consented to cooperate with Australia regarding hydrogen economies, seeking synergy through the combination of ROK’s hydrogen auto-industries and Australia’s hydrogen production. Moreover, ROK agreed that it would work with the European United (EU) nations

by incorporating their renewable energy capacity and low-carbon economies with South Korea’s battery, hydrogen, and electric cars technology.

▲ Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with President Moon in an informal meeting.

Angela Merkel president promised that Germany, which is a leading country for the invention of vaccines, 

and Korea, which is the leading country for  the production of vaccination, will cooperate 

and establish firm relations. 

With the UK, South Korea convened a fortified collaboration in terms of vaccine, climate change,

and security. During an informal talk with France’s President Emmanuel Macron,

President Moon agreed upon cooperating in the fields of cultural education

and high-end technology industries.

▲ Leaders of the Britain and South Korea greeting each other with an elbow nub.

In order to hold our end of the deal(s), so to speak, ROK would have to stabilize domestic affairs, economy, and diplomatic relations to achieve the proposals it has made on the international stage.

Especially, issues concerning vaccine supply to North Korea and relations normalization with Japan,

are left unresolved. When left untouched, such major assignments could result as impediments

to advancing ties with the international community.

Amid the current state, ROK confronts the question of what a real developed country is.


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