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The society in which we live has many problems such as unemployment, environmental pollution, and racism. Understanding and learning about these problems will enhance the students' insights into social problems. At Choongang High School, the first-grade students had a research project in their social classes. In these classes, an individual student planned and performed the "World-changing Project" to understand the various problems in our society.

▲ This picture shows the main building of Choongang High School

The World-changing Project was an assessment conducted throughout the whole first semester. First, students decided on social problems that they would like to search about after investigating the causes, consequences, and solutions of the problem, they wrote a report about them. They had to add their own solutions or perspectives about the topic in their report so that they could analyze society's problems in their own insights. Based on the report, they planned for the activities they could do. After investigating people's perception of social problems through surveys, activities were carried out to inform them of the status and solutions of these problems. Some students produced UCC, and others produced and posted posters. An interview with a student from Choongang High School, Kim, who was done knowing about the details of the World-changing Project, said that he conducted a survey at school to make research on the topic of racism. He also said that he tried to make the public aware of the issue of racism by holding one-man demonstrations in front of schools and Gwanghwamun streets. Through this project, he felt that he had grown up to a new level and became proud to be a part of the movements to resolve racism.

▲ This picture shows the surveys that students conducted for their own projects.

There are still many problems in our society that need to be addressed. Recently, medical inequality caused by the coronavirus has emerged, and the controversy over vaccines has been constantly emerging. In addition, problems such as unemployment, aging, low birth rates, and noise between floors still exist in our lives. In order to solve these problems, basic research on what causes them and why they occur must be preceded. Especially, if students begin to make research and try to resolve the social problems, adults will become more interested. In this aspect, the World-changing Project of Choongang High School could have a good impact on society as well as the students.

By Kwak Jun Seo


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