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Does your school hold a special event which is popular with students? The Library Point Event that is held by Shinil Middle School can be a special event that is popular with students. Because other schools do not hold huge events, it is unique and famous to many students. Moreover, other schools' students can participate in the Library Point Event, so it is really a huge event.
The Library Point Event is held once a year, so many students and teachers prepare for this event for a long time. When students borrow the books in the library, they can get one point. Moreover, when students donate their books, they can get one point, too. In these processes, all students can possibly get many points for a year.

Many teachers are another important part of this event. They prepare for this event by making food or preparing a performance for the students. This event will be held in the schoolyard of the middle school and all schools' students can participate in it. They can watch the performance and buy lots of things. For this reason, it is popular with many students.
Songjae, a student in Shinil Middle School, said "I like to read and borrow books in the library, so I can get many points. It is fascinating that my friends who are from the other schools can participate with me. For this event's characteristic, many students borrow many books, so it is good for students' reading skills." Also, Shinil Middle School's teacher Kim said "The Library Point Event is really popular to students, and the number of books brought by students is increasing every year. I believe this event is good for both students and teachers."

Although the Library Point Event is held once a year, many students wait for this event because of its advantages. This event makes students read more, so many teachers think that this event is great. Though this event may have disadvantages, there are still many students who are waiting for this upcoming event.


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