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There is a problem that is not solved yet. It is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface. It is global warming. Many people are experiencing global warming, and they are looking for a solution. In reality, most people try to take the initiative and solve it, but their effort is not enough. Then, what can we do now?

First, people have been doing things to stop global warming. In fact, there was an agreement made called the Paris Agreement in 2016. This agreement was contracted after decades of consultation, and this agreement was contracted after decades of consultation, and this agreement was contracted after decades of consultation, and this agreement is the first climate agreement in which the international community is working together. This is the first solution to reduce the carbon footprint.

Despite to this solution and our effort to prevent global warming, the carbon footprint is getting darker. In these COVID-19 crisis, there is a little change because the economic development has stagnated. During this time, the carbon footprint showed a reduction trend. However, as vaccines were made and gradually adapted to COVID-19, the carbon footprint recovery is recovering much faster than the decline, It must be because of the delivery of foods and increasing the number of drives.

▲ From the COVID-19 situation, the situation on our planet has worsened.

So, we need some specific solutions. According to researcher's studies, video conferencing or streaming is becoming more common during the COVID-19 crisis. The study has found that 100 to 150 grams of dioxide are emitted in just one hour, and 2 to 12 liters of cooling water are inquired. However, turning off the camera during a web call can reduce these carbon footprints by 96 percent. It is very simple but can reduce carbon footprints certainly. Also, the solutions that require carrying one's own bottle, reusing something, and recycling stuff must continue. In France, the Environmental Regulations Bill was passed in May this year. Its main goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to 1990. There are no flights between areas that can travel within two and a half hours by train, Lease prohibited from 2028 for low energy efficiency homes, public schools offer vegetarian menus at least once a week, end of the sale of new cars with more than adequate CO2 emission by 2030 Diesel cars will be charged with environmental classroom charges in case of reduced tax benefits, air and soil deliberately contamination. It's a bit of a strict rule, but there are benefits.

▲ This picture shows France`s unconventional environmental regulation bill.

To sum up, the more carbon footprints are getting darker, the more global warming is hard to solve. So, having the mind to practice the solutions to prevent global warming is much more important than knowing the solutions.


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