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Promising jobs continue to change from industrial change as time goes on. So, one of the articles, Edjun, prospects about what will be a promising job after ten years. Among the results of the prospect, nursing manager and occupation therapist which are related to doctor ranked at second and fourth. In other words, a doctor is the most promising job in the future.

▲ Ranking promising job in the future

A doctor is a person who cures any health problems like physical problems such as diabetes and cancer and mental problems such as depression and excess anxiety. In addition, a doctor's average salary in a year is 163.44 million won. Also, we have to be hardworking and thoughtful to become a doctor.

The process to be a doctor consists of complicated procedures. One of the popular news companies in South Korea, MK Business News, says that we have to be enrolled in the college of medicine to be a doctor. Also, after graduating from college, we have to take a medical state examination. After getting a license from passing the medical state examination, we have to become an intern for one to two years, resident for three to four years, and become a professional. This process duration is at least 11 years.

▲ Many types of a Doctor

Also, there are many things to do in each process which contains intern and resident. When we become the intern, we have to do something such as blood drawing, disinfection, preparation for surgery, and management of the patient list. In addition, when we become the resident for one to two years, we have to take care of inpatients to address and chart patient care and inconvenience. Moreover, resident who is three to four years has to assist in intensive surgery or supervise and educate the junior students.

To be a doctor is difficult for everyone. However, if we study hard like the adage " no pain no gain", we can be a doctor. How about studying hard to become the career you want?

By Seungmin Han


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