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Do you know about simultaneous interpreters? You can see them on TV. To explain about simultaneous interpreters, they collect some materials about certain subjects to interpret. Then, they communicate by changing and expressing the content of the conversation in the same language as the other person with the materials that they collected for it to be possible to communicate smoothly with people who use different languages.

▲ The job of a simultaneous interpreter
To become a simultaneous interpreter, aspirants better attend in a foreign language high school, such as Ulsan Foreign Language High School and Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. After graduating from a foreign language high school, graduates better attend Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and Graduate School of Translation in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in serial order. For reference, after graduating from these schools, graduates come to work in their schools or through their seniors' recommendation and work at Interpreter Specialist Exhibition. Also, they work as dedicated interpreters through the government bond. In these schools, if students want a major that suits them, they better attend the Department of International Regional Studies, Department of Language Education, The Linguistic Department, and many more.

▲ Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

The fields of the simultaneous interpreter are interpreter for the international conference, sequential interpreter, whispering interpreter, tour guide, community interpreter, and many others. Moreover, their annual income is from 27.51 million won to 51.10 million won. Their annual incomes are fixed according to their qualifications and experiences. To add an explanation about simultaneous interpreters, they mostly work until their late thirties. After they retire from their job, they can work as translators or university professors, operate their own agency, and work at trading companies or foreign-affiliated firms.

Some abilities or skills that interpreters need to have are analytical skills, comprehensive skills, concentration, adaptability, endurance, courage, voice persuasion, sociability, and many more.

Simultaneous interpreters have important roles in our society. They translate our languages and help us communicate with many people. To become a great simultaneous interpreter, we need to have many abilities or skills, and we have to put a lot of effort into them.

By Woori Han


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