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Coronavirus appeared in the world in earnest in 2019. Up to this day, it has given many inconvenient lives to people like wearing masks surely. However, we have a very important fact that we have forgotten because of this chaotic situation. It is Academic Gaps, a very serious problem for students and education.

Coronavirus is happening in the world, and students were not allowed to go to school. Then, the students took classes online, which soon led to academic gaps. According to the articles about this problem, educational achievement dropped sharply due to Coronavirus, and many students dropped of basic education levels. In addition, the average of test scores of middle school and high school students also dropped sharply. In a survey of 205 high school principals in South Korea, 35.1 percent said that the academic gaps are very serious. For that reason, the worries of the students and parents are increasing more and more.

According to the educational experts, they said that the schools and the governments are largely responsible for this problem. Most students lose their concentration and interest in studying naturally when they study in online classes, and it causes academic polarization finally. So, the schools have to devise a way how to decrease the gaps between teachers and students. Also, students' household situations caused the problem, too. Actually, some students who do not have electronic equipment required for online classes cannot study at home. Therefore, the governments also have to support them to avoid academic gaps.


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