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  • 기사등록 2021-09-15 17:41:12

Because of COVID-19, last year, the opening of the semester was delayed four times, and we spent most of school learning time by online class through Zoom. Be similar to last year's first semester, we could rarely come to school. However, we also found a serious problem, learning gap.

There are many reasons for the learning gap. According to the research of the Korean Teachers and Educational Workers' Union, the top reason was the difference of a family background. In fact, 35 percent of low-income students answered their parents are at home. In the past, all students are at home. In the past, all students brought their advice note from their school, and there were parents who scolded them to do their homework. However, now, students who have a good place to study can adapt this learning style easily but those students who do not have a good environment cannot learn well. It means the most serious problem we have faced by COVID-19 is the learning gap followed by the difference of income and family background. Actually, according to KERIS, 80 percent of the teachers answered that learning gap was deepened after starting online class.

To solve this problem, governments are dispatching learning guide to help disadvantaged children's learning. Also, not only to bridge learning gap but also to upgrade students' strict living pattern, to share emotional communion, many efforts should be earned. I hope vaccinating is implemented safely, so we would be able to go to school without masks.


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