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Many people want to have healthy hair nowadays. However, they do not know how to manage it well. The hair is made up of a protein called keratin. It is composed of hair cuticles, hair cortex, and medulla. Damaged hair texture means that hair cuticles are damaged.

▲ The structure of our hair

Hair actually plays an important role in our body. First, it can protect our skin from too many ultraviolet rays. External temperature is usually higher or lower than the internal temperature. So, maintaining a proper temperature is an important aspect of survival. Also, hair can alleviate an impact from external shock as a cushion. Moreover, it is used as a path that emits the wastes. In a word, it is a precious natural hat. What should you do if you want to keep your hair healthy?

To maintain healthy hair, you should avoid combing it when wet. In case it is wet, it is damaged easily with a little conflict. So, you should comb only after you dry your hair. Also, you should avoid heat. Excess heat is dangerous for your hair. So, when you dry your hair, you should dry it with a hair driver by putting a distance of more than 20cm, setting it up to a lower temperature. Finally, you should not use too much shampoo. Using too much might harm your hair, and you should use proper products for yourself. Avoid these three things and you can maintain healthy hair.

▲ The nut is the most important food for your hair`s health.

On the other hand, you should eat foods such as nut, poultry, fish, vegetables, and eggs because they are good for you hair's health. Most especially, nuts and eggs can produce vitamin E for hair. Moreover, fish prevents hair loss and hair damage. So, keep eating these kinds of foods to keep your hair healthy. These days, many people want to have healthy hair. So, if you want to have it, try to follow the said tips.


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