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Have you ever participated in some exciting festivals celebrated in the school? Most schools have their own special festival. In Seo Girl's Middle School, it hosts Seoseon Festival every year. The festival that students and teachers can enjoy includes presenting all the students' achievements of that year. Therefore, Season Festival is unique in terms of various clubs' performances and a special dance clubs called West Fairy's performances.

▲ There are students who are starting their festival.

First of all, all students will listen to the announcement about the whole process of what they will do. Then, they will listen to the principal's speech. After the final preparation, they can watch the performance of each club and class. There are various clubs in school such as choir, drama, ensemble, and dance. Students really like the performance of 'west fairy', a famous dance club in our school. When your watch their performance, you can find some temperateness and beautiful light motions in their choreography. This club comes from stretching back to our school's foundation, so it's so hard to become a member. After all the performances, they can have free time where students can do anything such as playing phone games and chatting with their friends. Primitively, they can eat snacks that they can buy at Seoseon Cafe during their free time. In addition, there is something that is changed this year. In the past, the first grade was assigned to do choir, the second was for dancing, and only the third grade could choose what to do. However, now, all three grades can choose what they will do or not. Moreover, all the students and teachers gathered at the rented Ulsan KBS Hall in the past.

▲ The students in this picture is showing their performance to friends.

But due to COVID-19, it is impossible to rent the venue with many people and cannot gather together. So, it is changed to watch the performance online. Each class will perform at the auditorium. Kim Min Seo who took part in Season Festival said that she really enjoyed these performances and had a great time with her friends. Season Festival is a nice event, and it would be the best festival. She is looking forward to participating this year again.

By Park Seo Yeong


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