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When people think of sunrise, they usually imagine themselves watching the sun rising. But, there is a different story for a cape in Ulsan. What is special about this sunrise place is that there are many facilities to enjoy aside from watching the sun rising. The festival, which is called Ganjeolgot Sunrise Festival, is held only once a year when the new year comes.

The definition of the cape is a land that bulged into the sea or lake, of which three sides are surrounded by water. People there can see the sunrise faster compared to other places. There are a lot of other capes in South Korea, but there is a peculiarity in this cape. The Ulsan Metropolitan City reenacted the 1970's mailbox in this place, and people can really send mail like what usual letterboxes do. There is also a cafe. It is popular for its beautiful view. The visitors can see a beautiful sight while drinking sweet drinks.

▲ Appearance of the letterbox in Ganjeolgot Cape

Additionally, there are some main events people can experience. Online and offline evening events, Haenam's program hosting, sunset performance, sunset program hosting, tourist convenience services, and auxiliary facilities operation are some of those. There are a lot of main events as well as minor activities.

To know what festival has the largest number of visitors, a news site did a survey on the citizens. The festival of sunrise in Ganjeolgot Cape was ranked 11th place out of all the festivals held in South Korea. The main reason is the great facilities prepared in the cape. A person who had been there saying that as there is an observatory, it is suitable for watching the sun rising. There are also other places to enjoy such as the cafe and mailbox. So, it is expected that many people want to go to this well-prepared festival.

▲ The sun rising and an observatory in Ganjeolgot Cape

Although the main purpose of the festival of sunrise in Ganjeolgot Cape is to allow the people to observe the sunrise, it added some things to enjoy to let the visitors have fun and be interested in the festival. This festival seems to be more recognized over the course of time.


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