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Every year, Okhyun Middle School holds Okhyun Music Festival. The Okhyun orchestra, Okhyun choir, and Okhyun nanta club usually perform in this festival. Okhyun Music Festival is a very big festival. Before COVID-19, all grades gathered to watch different performances, but now, only a minimum number of people gather to watch, and others just watch through a live recording.

Okhyun Music Festival is participated by students and teachers. In 2018, Okhyun orchestra played the official soundtrack of "Frozen". Then, many students and teachers sang along and created a good atmosphere. Also, the principal and the choir teacher performed a duet. The principal's amazing vocal skills and the choir teacher's soft voice were really good. The performance was a fantastic combination.

▲ A picture of Okhyun orchestra

Kim Jin-woo, a senior student in Okhyun Middle School, said that he loves Okhyun Music Festival. He also added that very impressive and perfect performance. Also, he is proud of Okhyun Music Festival because the performance is only held at Okhyun Middle School in his neighborhood. He cannot watch the performance next year, and that will make him sad as he will surely miss it.

Okhyun orchestra's practice room is on the fourth floor. However, the stage is on the second floor. So, many students have to carry their instruments. At this time, many students usually lose their items and get into an accident. So, some instruments are broken. Also, students carry some big instruments. They cannot see the stairs, so sometimes they get hurt. Even though there is an elevator, players cannot put their instruments in the elevator because it is too small, However, the performers can usually overcome the adverse conditions and can perform successfully.

▲ A picture of Okhyun choir

Performers can showcase their playing skills through Okhyun Music Festival. Also, many students have a good opinion about it, and there are many opinions like wanting to hold a music festival next year as well. I also hope there will be Okhyun Music Festival next year.


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