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These days, environmental problems are a big social issue in society. As these problems are getting worse, some organizations claim about some changes of the delivery applications. Green Korea claims that a simple change in food delivery applications can reduce the 65 million disposable utensils that people use.

▲ Delivery applications have been starting to change options about accepting disposable utensils or not

Last Thursday, civic groups and labor unions asked to create an option to choose reusable containers when ordering through delivery applications. Riders Unions and Green Korea held a conference to talk about these issues. They said that they did not consider the issue about delivery containers although delivery orders have skyrocketed. Since last June, the three biggest delivery applications have been starting to change options about accepting disposable utensils or not. Sixty-five million disposable utensils were reduced by little changes. The Green Korea official said that some variations can change the environment, and people can identify the impact of simple changes. As delivery orders are increasing, many organizations are giving an effort to solve these environmental problems.

▲ Disposable utensils that people use as a delivery service

According to the statistics, three-quarters of the respondents said that they were guilty and felt inconvenient for using disposable utensils when they use delivery applications. They think they harm the environment when they use disposable utensils. Forty percent of the respondents said that people should forge a system about reducing disposable utensils through delivery applications. As Green Korea said, ten thousand people agreed on a petition about providing an option to use reusable containers. Environmental groups urged more delivery applications to participate in this eco-friendly by disclosing the information of the restaurants that will use recycled containers through food delivery platforms and lowering fees.

As environmental issues are getting worse, delivery application companies need immediate actions to protect the environment.

By Um Ki Yoon


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