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South Korea determined that they would focus on utilizing metaverse technology in diverse fields such as games and educational purposes.

▲ Metaverse

Metaverse derives from 'Meta' which means virtual and 'Universe', which means a three-dimensional virtual world where social and economical activities can be done like reality. Metaverse is different from virtual reality because it contains social and economical activities while virtual reality does not.

▲ Metaverse is utilized in a job fair which was participated for six universities.

On September 1st, the metaverse is utilized in a job fair which was participated for six universities. When students accessed the link from each university and set their characters and names, it would automatically match with their university. Then, students could enter the job fair from the six universities. Also, about eighty enterprises participated in a job fair based on metaverse technology. Students who prepared for employment could have consultation time by a video conversation. Students who participated in a job fair with metaverse made favorable comments, and enterprises did so.

Also, the metaverse is used in business focusing on digital treatment. 'Dragon Fly Corporation' determined that they would focus on developing digital treatment with metaverse technology. The digital treatment business is software that alleviates and cures the symptoms of illnesses by VR and AR technology with medical knowledge. Dragon Fly contracted with an enterprise developing treatment, and they cooperated for developing ADHD treatment. Also, Dragon Fly determined that they would develop a treatment for depression and other illnesses with metaverse technology.

▲ A company `Net Marble` established the metaverse entertainment.

Metaverse is a rising core technology in-game technology. A company 'Net Marble' established the metaverse entertainment on August 31st ran by Seo Woo-won representative. Net Marble determined that metaverse entertainment would concentrate to develop a virtual reality platform, and offer content and services related to games like virtual idol management. An enterprise 'Nexen' also has 'Project MOD' which is based on 'Maple Story' IP. Nexen said that they would do the research and develop 'contents-making-platform' to enjoy with many people.

September 5th, 

by Kwak Chae Hyeon


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