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These days, many people get themselves vaccinated to fight against COVID-19 as the situation is getting worse. The government has been requesting and directing people to get vaccinated, and my family just did exclude me and my brother. Thanks to advanced technology, people can be more prepared for the spread of different types of diseases. There are four types of vaccines against COVID-19 that people can get.

The first type of vaccine is the mRNA Vaccine. In the first dose, the virus antigen is inserted in the form of RNA. IT makes unique spike nutrition in the cell of the body. However, we recognize it as an extraneous matter, which causes an immune reaction. It boosts our immune system for us to fight against COVID-19. If the inserted RNA gene material is chagrined, it does not affect the DNA of the body. It received secondary approval in the U.S. The mRNA vaccine is divided into two small vaccines. The first one is Moderns. It is a type of small vaccine that has the advantage to enter a human chromosome. The second one is Pfizer. The good thing about this vaccine is that people who are 16 years of age can also be vaccinated, unlike the other vaccines.

▲ The vaccines that people get against COVID-19

Furthermore, the Viral Vector vaccine is another type of COVID-19 vaccine. The virus antigen is inserted into the body. It makes the coronavirus to get weakened once it can enter our body, and this antigen does not affect the DNA of the body. When the Viral Vector vaccine enters our body, it makes a unique spike of nutrition in the body. In the same way as the mRNA vaccine, we recognize it as an extraneous matter, but it causes an immune reaction. However, it is good protection against COVID-19. The viral Vector vaccine is divided into two small vaccines, too. The first one is AstraZeneca. The AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and effective at protecting people from the extremely serious risks of COVID-19, including death, hospitalization, and severe disease. Moreover, we should get vaccinated twice, given an interval of 8 to 12 weeks just like the other COVID-19 vaccines exempt for Janssen vaccine of which we only need to get one dose.

There are four small types of vaccines that were imported to South Korea, from the two main types. Each of the four vaccines can prevent diseases, and many people are willing to receive them. Getting the vaccine as quickly as possible is important, but people also need to know how to deal with the side effects. Therefore, people should be aware of each of the existing vaccines.


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