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These days, the heatwave is getting worse. It is because of climate change. Climate change happens when the temperature is continuously rising. It is caused by the increase in the use of fuel due to industrialization. In South Korea, people usually use fuel and energy a lot, so climate change is now getting worse.

The cause of climate change is mostly the use of fossil fuels. It brings more greenhouse gases. Then, these cause the temperature to rise.

▲ damage caused by rainy season

Climate change can have a lot of effects on people. First, it damages humans' right to life. Natural disasters caused by climate change like forest fires damage humans' right to life and our habitat. So, it can destroy our home. Recently, many people are affected by floods due to the long rainy season. In an interview with a farmer who was affected by the flood, he said that his farming work failed because of a continuous rainy spell caused by climate change. Like this, lots of people are harmed due to climate change. Also, the rising of the sea level threatens the people in the low land. A lot of natural disasters such as drought, flood, forest fire, and typhoons have a bad effect on our life.

▲ alternative energy: wind energy and solar energy

Therefore, we have to stop the above-mentioned damages. We have to reduce greenhouse gases because they cause climate change. Since they are caused by the use of fossil fuel, we can use alternative energy instead of fossil fuel. There is solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. These energy types do not produce greenhouse gases. Also, we have to save energy to use less fossil fuel. To save energy, recycling, eco-friendly consumption, and using public transportation instead of a private car need to be done. Thus, people should use alternative energy to reduce greenhouse gases.

Nowadays, climate change is getting serious. It is certainly a crisis for people. We need to urgently implement our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. We should use alternative energy sources like solar energy and save energy. Our efforts can be a big help to stop climate change.

By Jeong Jiin


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