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There are many projects done by schools, and most of the projects are done by students. I want to introduce STEAM Day, one of Okdong Middle School's projects.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

▲ What is STEAM?
STEAM Day is held once a year. On that day, students are asked to do one of the projects. They can choose writing, art, invention, science news, and converge science. Students are free to choose one of these projects.

So, what do we do if we choose one of these projects? If you choose writing, you should write an essay about one scientific fact. You can choose any scientific facts. The essay should be over at least 300 words. The best essays are selected by the teachers and get awarded. Then, art is a bit similar to writing. You are given a big piece of drawing paper. The themes are given, you have to choose one and draw a picture about it. Only the drawing paper is given, and the other materials should be brought by the students. Also, the best pictures are selected by teachers and be awarded. The invention is giving ideas about anything presented on the news. I saw an interview with our school's students. They all said that they had good ideas. Next, science news is writing news about the subject. You can choose any topic long as it is about science. The students are given two to finish their writings. The last one is convergence science which is the least famous subject. I believe it is hard. It is a bit similar to the invention. One of the students said that he loves STEAM Day because he can learn a lot more about science. It is also enjoyable to do different projects.

As stated above, there are lots of projects you can participate in. I hope you will find a project you want and will be able to participate in it.

▲ Kids participating in STEAM Day


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