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These days, the scope of communication is expanding beyond cities to countries and to the world. It is extending, the importance of being a diplomat is also increasing. A diplomat is a person appointed by a state or an inter-government institution to conduct diplomatic institutions with one more other state on an international organization.

Diplomats represent and protect the interests and international agreements of the state. They also observe the politics, economy, media, and other areas of a dispatched country and report it to the home country. In addition, diplomats protect the people of their country who live or travel in the dispatched countries. To be a diplomat, people should pass several tests such as constitution, PSAT, Korean history, second language, and final interview. Basically, they are a social volunteer as well as a negotiator.

▲ As a diplomat, diplomat serve as a social volunteer all over the world.

It seems that living as a diplomat is quite challenging in many ways but rewarding in some ways at the same time. In an interview with Yeon-chul Yu, who is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and International Economic Bureau, said he is in charge of energy security and climate change, an international economic issue. He added the reason he is determined to be a diplomat is that he thinks that a diplomat is someone that can realize his aspirations by being creative on the international stage with a wide range of activities. He also said that can be a driving force for national development with a stable income. Also, there are several qualifications that a diplomat should have. In order to cope with the rapidly changing situation, diplomats need to study international politics, economy, and international law and should cultivate a balanced perspective that is not biased. It is because diplomacy is a comprehensive determination of political, economic, and social culture. Lastly, he said he does not know how it will change with the times ahead, but one thing is for sure that the job of a diplomat is a wonderful job that helps achieve one's personal goal and also helps the society and the development of a country.

▲ Diplomats of each country are negotiating

Living abroad can be hard, but as Yeoun-chul Yu said, being a diplomat is wonderful that helps achieve one's personal goal and helps society. It may be challenging, but why not become a diplomat who reshapes the new century?

By Wooin Gil


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