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Usually, most festivals do not have such a long history. However, Cheoyong Culture Festival has a longer history than other festivals. This festival's dance was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It is held in October including Ulsan Citizen's Day on the road or stage.

Cheoyong Culture Festival is a cultural festival hosted by Ulsan Metropolitan City and held in October in Ulsan. Its origin tale is that the king's son, Cheoyong, defeated a ghost by singing a song which he made by dancing. Cheoyong contents include an opening performance, Cheoyong dwarf, Cheyong Madang, Cheoyong road play, and Cheoyong academic. There is a sole dance in court music in which people dance with a mask. Also, president Yong Mok Kim said that eventually, the feature of Cheoyong Culture Festival is wearing a Cheoyong mask, implying that a mask is doing an important role in Cheoyong Culture Festival.

To find out the history, when we had a performance about the heritage of South Korea, Japanese women who joined the festival said that it is great to watch a traditional performance of South Korea. This performance is very interesting, especially to foreigners who live in South Korea. Not only for foreigners, it is an opportunity for Koreans to learn about the history of South Korea.

▲ Cheyong Culture Festival

Moreover, Cheoyong Culture Festival's dance called Cheoyong-mu is registered as World Intangible Heritage, and its awareness is widely magnified to other countries' people, In terms of "best conservation is utilizing", it is already admitted from its history and legitimacy. Its value is, first, it is a dance which is constantly conserved for more than 1000 years. Second, the dance is unique and includes much artistry and peculiar value. Lastly, because several tales remained until today, it shows people's life, culture, and style from a long time ago.

The main purpose of this festival is to pray for the success and a happy world. From the unique dance culture, it influences many people, and Cheoyong world music makes us enjoy various music. Many people are expecting about Cheyong Culture Festival which prays for joy, happiness, and good health.

▲ Cheyong Culture Festival in the Road

By Jiyoon Jung


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