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As South Korea is becoming an aging society, many elderly people are living alone. In South Korea, there is 19.6 percent of elderly people. It is a really whopping range. So, many people give donations to them. Our school had done it too. Our school did a special sports match. This event's purpose was to respect elderly people and donate to them the money we got from the entry fee. Our class did a T-ball competition. It was a really touching event that we could do to donate something to them. So, our class did our best with a great resolute determination.

T-Ball is a sport based on baseball. In baseball, the pitcher throws the ball, and the batter hits the ball. However, in T-Ball, there is no pitcher. Then, how can we hit a ball? It has a clue on its name, 'T' ball. There is a ㅗ shaped (upside down of T), and it is a ball holder and with that thing, it holds a ball, and we hit the ball. Also, the rest of the rules of T-Ball are the same. When we heard that we would do the T-Ball match, we had trained really hard with resolute determination. When the class ends, we visited our school's playground, and we hit the ball again and again. It was hard, but no one complained. We trained really gave our best.

▲ The Ball holder

The participating students learned teamwork and cooperation. The captain of the opponent's team had an interview with us. He said to us "Even though they had lost, he said it was a really good experience to do this match and I hope the winning team could donate well to the elderly men. Also, by the match, we could learn about cooperation and teamwork."

The T-Ball competition in our school had a

good result. Our team had won the game. By this, we could donate three hundred thousand won (300000).

▲ A Donation Picture

Regardless of the winners and the losers, participants got really touched by donating. The school official said that they planned to develop students' cooperation and respect for the elderly by donating.

by Baek Si Yun


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