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Recently, Seoul City has represented a new policy, 'Seoul Learn'. It is a policy that supports students from low-income families in Seoul. It is controversial among people. Moreover, recently, people have become interested in Korean S.A.T. also, presidential candidates have stood on a pledge about it.

▲ They are people who oppose `Seoul Learn` policy.

Seoul City has announced that 'Seoul Learn' will be implemented on the 8th. It is an educational platform in Seoul for students from low-income families. It provides subject-oriented educational content. It offers not only free lectures but also paid lectures. They will all get these for free. The online lectures are i-Scream Home Learn, and Eli High for elementary school students, SoobakC and Mbest for middle school students, and Daesung Mimac, Megastudy, and Etoos for high school students. Moreover, 'Seoul Learn" will help teenagers with no habit of studying to feel and emotional stability and do social cultivation through mentoring support. Many people approve of this policy since they think it can bridge the educational gap between students from high-income families and those from low-income ones. However, there are other people who oppose this policy because they think that it can encourage private education to students.

▲ It is a poster that inform `Seoul Learn`

Recently, a famous online lecturer in math said that he believes the Korean S.A.T will collapse in seven or eight years, and he will quit his job before it happens. Moreover, many people think it will be right. The Superintendent of Gyeonggi-do, Lee Jae Jung said that the Korean S.A.T should be abolished for the right education. Moreover, since the high school credit system, which is a policy that allows students to choose a subject that they want to study, will be applied in 2025, many people feel that it is unfair that all students have the same test in the same subject. However, one presidential candidate has stood on a pledge that he will take Korean S.A.T twice a year.

Recently, the Korean educational policy has been in chaos. Not to get lost on the way to entrance examinations, investigating the educational policy in the future will be essential for students.

by Lee Seung Woo


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