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Do you know a mukbang YouTuber "Ziyang"? She is a mukbang YouTuber who eats a large amount of food and has 4.22 million subscribers. Today, many people all around the world watch her videos to feel vicarious satisfaction. Also, some people who eat alone can feel lonely, so they watch a mukbang video while they are eating.

▲ Mukbang Youtuber

Mukbang is the combination word of "eating" and "broadcast" which originates from South Korea. On SNS, many influencers did mukbang, so many people watched them and tried to eat like them. However, watching a mukbang video causes bad health problems like obesity. Most people who enjoy watching mukbang do not know that mukbang can cause health problems.

▲ a child eating fastfood

Mukbang encourages people to have bad eating habits. In fact, many people including children have bad eating habits due to mukbang. For example, they skip breakfast, eat many junk foods and eat food at late night. This is really fatal to children while they are growing. These bad eating habits can cause not only obesity but also health diseases. According to a study, people who watch mukbang contain 26 percent more calories than others. Also, the percentage of obesity in 1998 was increased to 34.8 percent in 2016. At this rate, the percentage of obesity will be increased doubly. We can notice that is a really important problem to solve. To prevent the continuously increasing percentage of obesity, people should know its side effects.

▲ an obese man

Nowadays, many people enjoy watching mukbang while they are eating. They watch a mukbang video to feel vicarious satisfaction. However, such action can cause serious health problems such as obesity and bad eating habits. So, we have to decrease watching mukbang videos and have good eating habits for our health from now on.

By Seoyoung Yun


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