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On July 7, 2020, one person wrote a long petition to the national government. To see one part of the petition, the petitioner said that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family plays a pivotal role as a gateway to career advancement for women scholars and women's rights activists who are active in women's groups. They are busy taking care of them, and they are using women as means to gain political power. Like this petition, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family receives many petitions. Why do you think this department is made and why it is being blamed? First, what could possibly be the reason why the Ministry of Gender equality and Family is made? This department started on March 3, 2013, by reorganizing the women's department to solve the problem between women and men or protect people from the sexual offense. According to the official website, the task of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is the development and utilization of female workforce, planning, and synthesis of women's policies, expansion of women's participation in the society, promotion of youth activities, and capacity development, support for family functions such as nurturing and fostering, and protection from the harmful environment. It also includes youth protection. So, why do you think this department, which has good intent, is being blamed by many?

▲ mark of ministry of Gender Equality and Family

The first reason is that the officials do not do some of the works which they should do. For example, a female's safe return is enforced by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Moreover, maternity leave is enforced by the Ministry of Employment and labor. On the other hand, gender equality education is enforced by the Ministry of education, and even the protection of runaway youth is enforced by the ministry of health and Welfare. To prevent the misunderstanding that they are not doing those works, they explained that it is because they do not have money. Actually, their budget for a year is 1.23 trillion won.

▲ picture which means Ministry of Gender equality and Family `s budget is 1.23 trillion won for year

The other reason that this department is being blamed is because of many allegations of corruption. One of the famous examples is when they were ten million won for a year-end party. Moreover, they used one billion for sex trafficking in women's self-reliance. This policy has arguments because it is only for women and because of the amount of money given for self-reliance, $800,000.

Like this, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is afflicted by many allegations of corruption and poor policies. Lee Jungmi, a housewife in South Korea, said that she wishes The Ministry of Equality and Family to return to the past when they really worked for South Korea's Equality.

By Nam Guemin


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