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Have you ever been to an event of some schools in South Korea called Cheong Sol Je? Okhyun Middle School, one of the schools that hold Cheong Sol Je, has some features and specialty on the way they hold and do that event. It has two groups that hold exhibitions differently. It is opened by the school's students and many clubs, and the profits that are raised by selling are donated. Cheong Sol Je uses almost every place of the school as a huge event of Okhyun Middle School.

When it is almost the day to hold Cheong Sol Je, usually on December 27, students and clubs prepare for the events. They prepare the stage and booths and have a rehearsal for the performances. Next, it has many performances of various clubs such as instrument club and dance club. After cleaning the stage and having a meal service, they open the booths, and everyone can enjoy them.

▲ the information leaflet of Cheong Sol Je

Some students, specifically senior students in Okhyun middle school, said they could prepare the event by themselves and do many things, so they feel happy and be filled with joy. Also, the disabled students that participate in this event said, "We were very excited because we can talk with many students. We can be filled with joy as our works can help other people and students, too." The principal of Okhyun Middle School said, "I was proud of them. By doing Cheong Sol Je, students can develop a work ethic and improve their awareness about disabled students."

▲ delivering donation

Although Cheong Sol Je can give many positive effects on students, it has some negative effects. It has complex processes because of its many events. Also, the school has to pay a lot of money to hold this event for students. As it can be held by many students and need their participation, recently, it could not be held because of COVID-19. The last one was the 15th Cheong Sol Je in 2019.

By So Yi Park


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