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What is the most memorable thing that happened during your school life? There are many reasons, and school festivals may be one of the reasons. The main reason would be because it is a great chance for students to build cooperation and friendship. Moreover, students can have fun and memorable experiences. In Janggeom Middle School, the school festival is held every year on the day before Christmas Eve. What is special about the festival is that students participate in the process of preparing the festival. They make activities and prepare performances.

▲ Picture of booths students prepared.

Minseo Kim, a first-year student in Janggeom Middle School said, that she has not experienced joining the school festival yet, but she believes it would be a good opportunity to make exciting and fun memories and to have memorable experiences. She also said that preparing for the school festival would help her get closer to her classmates, and develop cooperation. Lastly, she really hopes that COVID-19 will disappear soon so that they will be allowed to hold the festival again. She just cannot wait for it.

Janggeom Middle School Festival is usually held on the day before Christmas Eve at Janggeom Middle School and lasts for two to three days. Like is mentioned above, students are involved in preparing for the festival. Students get a chance to prepare the activities, such as flea markets, face painting, selling foods, various games, and more. It will be a fascinating experience for both students and teachers. In addition, there are performances by Janggeom Middle School dance club, school band, and individuals.

▲ Picture of students performing.

Many students build good memories during the school festival. An interviewee hopes that the school festival will be held again soon, and a lot of students are hoping that it will come true.

By Siwoo Han


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