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According to a survey, teaching is one of the most popular jobs. Also, 60 percent of our class believes it is so popular that they want to become teachers. Teachers are divided into middle and high school teachers and elementary school teachers. How can you be one?

▲ Teaching students

As mentioned above, there are two types of teachers. First, elementary school teachers teach children in elementary school and do various tasks. Unlike middle and high school teachers, elementary school teachers do almost all classes with all the subjects. Next, middle school and high school teachers teach a different subject in middle school, and homeroom teachers meet their students only to give reminders and announcements and during the closing ceremony.

Then, how can you become an elementary school teacher? In order to become an elementary school teacher, one must obtain a second-degree Orthodox certificate. If you pass the Elementary School Appointment Examination, you can enter the national and public elementary schools in each region. Then, how can you get a second-degree Orthodox certificate? If you enter an elementary education department at an educational university or a master's university and receive education and practice for four years, you can obtain a second-degree qualification as an elementary school teacher with a non-examination test.

▲ Elementary school teacher

Then, how can you become a secondary school teacher? In order to become a teacher in a state-run middle school and high school, one must pass the examination for the appointment of secondary school teachers conducted by provincial education offices after obtaining a second-degree qualification.

The ways mentioned above are how to become teachers. It may not be easy to have this popular job, but if you listen to the stories of the current teachers, you can have a fruitful day. If you want to become a teacher, do not give up and try until the end.

By Jeong Myeong Woon


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