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▲ Afghanistan families arrive at Incheon International Airport

Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban again since August 16th. First, the Taliban promised to secure women’s rights including educations. However, this appointment was broken. Therefore, many women in Afghanistan were sacrificed by the Taliban. Not only the women but also the men who were rebellious against the Taliban were killed with no mercy.

▲ Afghans are hanging on the airplane and plunges to the ground

Afghans tried so many things like hanging on the airplane or climbing over a wall to escape Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan. However, there are too many Afghans left, and they are living harshly with a shortage of food and anxieties under the Taliban’s rules.

Korea accepted almost 377 Afghan refugees. Lately, LH announced that they will donate approximately 100 million won through ‘Sharing Fund’. In the SPC group, they donated tea bags of black tea and green tea for Afghan refugees. KB bank will back up the medical expenses and postages. However, there are so many opinions about accepting Afghan refugees.

Then, considering Korea’s circumstances, is accepting Afghans a nosy action or a helpful one?

33% of people agreed with accepting Afghans, on ther other hand, 53% of people disagreed.

56% of People who agreed said that Korea is the first country that succeeded in accepting refugees independently among Asia countries that are involved in the UN Convention on Refugees. Also, there were 74% of people said Korea should accept refugees to protect Afghans’ rights and respect.

However, 64% of people who disagreed with accepting refugees had an opinion that if Korea accepts Afghans, citizens may pay more taxes like Refugee acceptance money. And there are 57% of people who have opinions that there are some possibilities Koreans may be stolen their jobs. Also, there are some anxieties in social life such as differences with religions, cultures, and crimes.

▲ A graph of Korea`s refugee acceptance results

Korea has recorded 665 cases of refugees except North Korean refugees. Considering only cases, Korea didn’t accept refugees as many as OECD countries. However, Korea has been accepting many refugees

Korea can be seen as accepting many refugees various and widely if it adds North Korean refugees.

Korea continues to spiral down in terms of refugee acceptance due to its geographical distance from war-prone areas and an increased case of foreigners.


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