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Kim Dong-in is a South Korean novelist, literary critic, poet, and journalist. He was good at criticism and satire, and he had a belief that writers should only write. He opposed and criticized the free love movement and the women's liberation movement that appeared during the Japanese colonial period. He is considered a period. He is considered a pioneer of modern Korean literature by publishing short stories in a modern style, and one of his representative works of fiction is "potato."

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The characters of this book are three including Boknyu, the husband of Boknyu, and Mr. Wang. The relationship between Boknyu and her husband was not so good because her husband was so lazy and lethargic, so they suffered from poverty. To earn a lot of money, Boknyu sold her body to a supervisor in the slum where she and her husband lived. However, the depravity of the characters did not stop there.

Boknyu stole potatoes from a potato patch which was possessed by a rich Chinese Mr. Wang. She got busted by him, and she got busted by him, and she sold her body again and got a lot of money. Mr. Wang got a new wife, and Boknyu got jealous when she heard about this news. She decided to kill him with a sickle. At the end of the fight between Boknyu and Mr. Wang, she was killed by him. Mr. Wang bought her husband and hired a doctor to deal with her death, and finally, it was declared that her death was caused by a disease.

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Most of Kim's novels that were published in the 1920s are short stories. Most of the works mentioned as representative works such as "Sorrow of the Weak", "People with a Light Heart", "Bae Taragi", "Potato", "Fame", and "Gwangooat Nara" are short stories. His focus on the world of short stories can be interpreted in the context of emphasizing the autonomy and independence of literature. In order to show the aesthetics of the finished story itself, there must be no gaps in the story world. The author must dominate the story, and the characters must also be subordinated to it. He felt that writing a novel should be like a puppeteer's skillful puppet manipulation.


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