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Recently, the Korean web drama, "Squid Game" on Netflix became a big hit all over the world. This Netflix series consisted of a total of nine episodes, tells the story of people who participated in a mysterious survival game with 45.6 billion won in prize money risking their lives to become the final winner. Despite the bloodthirstiness direction, Squid Game is gaining sensitive popularity and ranked first place among the Netflix contents in 76 countries concluding America and Japan.

▲ One of the posers of ˝Squid Game˝

The characteristic elements of "Squid Game" became a big trend not only in South Korea but also all over the world. Games that appeared in the drama such as making Dalgona, and Mugunghwa flowers boomed (red light, green light) which is a retro play for Koreans, became a trend. Many people including various celebrities are sharing their videos enjoying those games. Since these games are popular, lots of entertainment programs in South Korea and many other overseas countries are using them in the broadcasting elements. Another big characteristic is a costume from the drama. The green tracksuits which the participants of the game wore, and the pink jumpsuit and the black mask with the shape of a circle, triangle, and rectangle for the personnel were sold in various shopping sites. People wearing these costumes were also easily seen in the street, especially on Halloween. The theme music was also an issue. Thanks to its unique melody, it was used for background music in lots of broadcast channels. Lastly, the design of the letters in the poster, using circle, triangle, and rectangle shapes and pink and white colors are another trademark of "Squid Game". These styles of letters were used in the commercial tool. It can easily be seen in lots of advertisement posters.

On November 5th, an American YouTuber, Mr.Beast with 73 million subscribers, released a picture of a set same with the Squid Game's setting in his Tweeter. He said that he is opening a real-life version of "Squid Game". He says that he spent about 2.3 billion won and recruited 456 participants as drama did. His Tweet attracted lots of attention and gained expectations from many people including his subscribers.

▲ Photo which Mr.Beast released

Since September 17th, when "Squid Game" was first released on Netflix, it became a big hit for a long time. Thank you to this new Korean wave, people from all over the world's interest in Korean content is growing, and also, a Netflix vice president of public policy, Dean Garfield, said he is willing to invest more into Korean content in his speech in South Korea.

November 21st, 2021

by Kim Won Hwi


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