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▲ Digital health care

As digitalization progresses rapidly, the field of digital health care steadily gains popularity nowadays. Digital health care appeared as the technology related to medicine and biology developed, and the aging population grew. Digital health care is a medical service combined with health care and medical IT. It reduces time and cost to develop medicine, and makes treatment precise.

▲ Doctor Now`s untact medical consultation

Many enterprises flung into the industry of health care. A remote medical platform, Doctor Now, manages untact medical consultation and delivery service of prescription drugs. Doctor Now gives diverse treatment through cooperation with 260 medical centers and pharmacies. Doctor Now determined that they would strengthen the convenience of untact medical consultation. Also, digital health care enterprise based on AI, Exosystems, develops their medical platform. A digital solution of Ecosystems consists of wearable medical equipment and a user application platform in order to make patients monitor their physical conditions. Exosystems provide digital treatment software with prescriptions through wearable sensors.

▲ Exosystems` wearable medical equipment

Two major companies, Naver and Kakao, also enter the digital health care industry. Naver plans to build the in-house smart hospital based on AI. The staff will use Naver Clova to record medical diseases, and the machine will automatically write them down. Also, the company makes a partnership with Soonchunhyang University Hospital to accelerate its AI voice.

While Kakao established health care CIC which is charged with digital health management, and scouted a professor from Seoul University Hospital. They plan to launch a lifetime health care management service and smart health care service. Also, Kakao determined that they try to apply gigantic AI, KoGPT to new medicine development like studying protein structure.

December 26th, 2021, by Kwak Chae Hyeon


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