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While South Korea's COVID-19 confirmed cases are soaring as the days pass, 298 additional COVID-19 cases, which are more than double the previous day, were reported in South Korea's military on February, 4th. Two hundred ninety-eight is the highest number of new daily confirmed cases since the outbreak of COVID-19 in South Korea. One hundred twenty people were confirmed in the military, and the others were soldiers who were confirmed after the vacation.

▲ COVID-19 Confirmed Increasing in Military

These cases involved 14 cases in the recruit training battalion in Paju, and 12 cases in Yanggu. In addition, there are 195 cases from the Army, 43 cases from the Air Force, 19 cases from units under the direct control of the defense ministry, 15 cases from the Navy, and 12 cases from the Marine corps. Also, four cases from the ministry and ten cases from the South Korea-US Combined Forces Command are included. Thereby, cumulative cases in the military in South Korea excluding the overseas deployment are 5,490 cases, and 1,394 of them are under treatment.

▲ Hospital Ship

The reason for the rapid increase of the confirmed cases in the military is the soaring COVID-19 spread in South Korea. In addition to the military, the number of confirmed cases of several cities is being updated continuously. For example, 503 cases were reported in Ulsan, and 252 cases were reported in Sejong, which both are the highest number in their cities ever since the start of the pandemic. Experts state that this increase will give more damage to the military since the military has a clogged space, and quarantine measures are much harder to be carried out in the military.

▲ CPR Test in Army

The soaring increase of COVID-19 confirmed cases in South Korea is now affecting the military. Many professionals claim that the social structure of South Korea can be paralyzed if COVID-19 cases continue to be reported in agencies of South Korea. More times like this, quarantine measures are required in this country.

2022-02-12 by Jeon Seung Hyun


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