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Qatar World Cup will be held from 21st of November to 18th of December. Qatar World Cup is the first World Cup in Middle East Asia.

The game between South Korea and Syria was held on November 1st in Rashid Stadium. Although South Korea had some main injured players, Son Heung Min and Hwang Hee-Chan, South Korea was anticipated to beat Syria. Lately, Paulo Bento's effort for South Korea was appreciated by soccer fans because of the enjoyable and winning games, so the atmosphere was expected to maintain.

▲ It is starting line up of South Korea.

Both Syria and South Korea made their best lineup for World Cup qualification. In the first half, Syria made a domination game, with some critical changes. In the 10th minute, Omar Khribin of Syria made a goal, but the goal was decided as an offside. In the 24th minute, because of a back pass mistake by Kim Jin-Su of South Korea, Mahmoud Al Mawas got a man-to-man match with the goalkeeper, but he lost the chance. After the second half started, Bento decided to change Jung Woo-Young to Kwon Chang-Hoon, who showed a great performance in former matches. In the 53rd minute, after Paik Seung-Ho's free-kick, Kim Tae-Hwan got a ball and made a cross to a box. The cross seemed a bit long, but Kim Jin-Su, who made a big mistake in the first half, made a surprising heading goal. In the 71st minute, Kwon Chang-Hoon made a great one-two pass with Lee Jae-Sung and a goal. From the last four games of South Korea's A match, Kwon Chang-Hoon made three goals with ruthless attacks. With a win in Rashid Stadium, South Korea assured ten World Cup qualifications in a row. After the game, the supervisor of Syria, Valeriu Tita, was fired.

▲ Kwon Chang-Hoon is having a ceremony after his goal.

Bento has to show a good performance in World Cup for more praise. After Son Heung-Min and Hwang Hee-Chan join South Korea, the team will be much stronger.

By Kwon Seung-Min


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