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Each country has its own heritages that are inherited from its ancestors. However, some heritages are not returned to their home because of plunder or loss. Like other countries, in South Korea, some heritages are located in other countries or are in a certain individual. So, to return our heritages, many people are trying to get cultural heritages back in South Korea.

▲ some heritages of South Korea

Above all, there are means that can help us get back our heritages to our country from others. First, we can regain them by negotiation between countries. Most of the cultural heritages are protected or exhibited in the museums of other countries, so the countries or some organizations who own them require to return their own heritages which will make other countries decide to give them back or not.

We can get back the heritages by buying or borrowing them from the country where they are located. If that country does not want to return it, a country, organization, and individual buy it by negotiation or auction. However, if not, we can borrow it. Some countries allow others to borrow the heritages permanently or narrowly. Recently, two persons created a stir by buying our heritage from Japan and donating it to South Korea, using over 100 million dollars.

▲ negotiating to get heritages back to South Korea

There is a good case that South Korea get back their cultural heritage. The Cleveland Museum, in the United States, decided to give a total of 18 cheonghwa baekja epitaph tablets to South Korea on February 8. It was the first case that epitaph tablet was returned from other countries. ICOM, International Council of Museum, noticed that giving the heritages back to an obvious owner is important. However, the country that observed it well is rare, so it has remained as a desirable and exemplary instance that the heritages are returned to their home.

by So Yi Park


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