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On October 19, 2017, Hawaii University's Pan-STAPPPS team found an interstellar celestial body. They found out that it was the first interstellar celestial body formed outside the solar system and gave it a name, Oumuamua, which means a messenger from afar.

▲ Virtual image of Oumuamua

At that time, they just thought it was just like another interstellar celestial body. However, this becomes a breakout since they found out that it has no tail, unlike a meteor. Scientists found many interesting features about Oumuamua. First, it has a very unique ratio of its body. Its ratio is 6.6 to 30:1 which is much bigger than Howmea's ratio, 2:1 which is well known for a high ratio. Its second feature is more interesting. When it was first found, scientists found out that its speed is about 44kilometers per second which makes it more interesting, but not only that, Oumuamua had an acceleration near the sun. If it is just a rock, it will slow down at that point because of the gravity of the sun. However, it has an acceleration and makes "Oumuamua" to be known for the alien's work by the media. The third feature of "it" is that it is spinning more than two ways. It needs seven to eight hours for one spin, and it spreads gases near the Earth.

▲ Orbit of Oumuamua

Because of those three interesting features, " Oumuamua" got many theories. The first theory is that it is covered with water, but it nee 2000 percent of its surface to be covered with water. The second theory is that its surface is covered with hydrogen ice. It is more acceptable because it only needs to cover six percent of the surface, and there is a giant molecular cloud that has a lot of hydrogen and is very cold. However, this theory also failed because the year that the hydrogen ice needs to melt is then million years, but the nearest giant molecular cloud is one hundred and fifty million years for light's speed. The third theory is the earliest theory, and it says that Oumuamua is nitrogen ice which is from the star. However, to prove this condition, the mother planet of Oumuamua must be 1000 times heavier than the star in our galaxy.

Now, Oumuamua is going outside of the solar system and ready to travel in a wield universe. The mystery about this strange object which is as big as an empire state building and flying 128 times faster than sounds may not tell its truth forever.

by Nam Guemin


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