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Suppose that you receive a definite diagnosis of Covid-19 and you have a son and a daughter. You have a problem with supplying food and caring for children. However, you do not have to worry. You can use Errand Applications. You can find people who supply food and care for your children easily. Like this, Errand Applications are very useful in the Covid-19 situation When you use Errand Applications, you can have advantages, but there are also some concerns.

You can use errand Applications whenever, wherever, and whatever. You just categorize grocery shopping, and cleaning homes. house chore, installment, assembly of house appliances, proxy services, past control, and delivery. There is even talking.

▲ Users can help housework with Errand Applications

They look very simple. people who work with Errand Applications can work without a profession and earn money with confident work. Almost everyone can be a worker with these Applications. Then, there are many workers in these Applications, so people who need help can easily find it. One young user says that they can make friends or companions with these Applications. They can help each other.

▲ Users can use Errand Application in a click of their smartphone.

However, some concerns are being raised regarding Errand Applications. First, there are potential crimes. People are anonymous in these Applications. They can plan crimes. Many people who are concerned to use these kinds of Applications chose the reason 'crime concerns'. Companies have worked hard for it, but worries have remained. Second, there is a poor system for workers. There is no insurance for workers. Workers can be in danger when they help people, and having no insurance makes them worried. There is also no system for laws. Because they are new, there are no laws about them. People cannot notify when they are conned.

There are not only advantages but also concerns about Errand Applications. Users must have the ability to use the Applications rightly.

by Jeong Hu Park


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