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In South Korea, when people blame the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, one of the points they say is that we can build an aircraft carrier within their annual budget. it sounds like a joke. However, the budget to build an aircraft carrier which the Ministry of Defense declared is less than the budget there is. With this, the modern naval war was changed into an aircraft carrier war since World War 2. Because of these two reasons may, people do not know why South Korea does not have any aircraft yet. However, there are a few reasons which cannot be ignored.

▲ America`s Aircraft carrier Enterprise

The first reason is the problem of budget. It may sound strange because of the prior paragraph, but it is not just about the building budget. Budget for maintaining it, fuel budget, and many other budgets will be required. However, South Korea is already making 17 destroyers, so we cannot pay maintaining fee after we build them.

The second reason is because of less number of people. South Korea's low birth rate has been mentioned as a problem many times, and it also disturbs making an aircraft carrier. We are not only just making it but also using it. However, the number of soldiers is decreasing because of the low birthrate and Korea's Army-centric development causes a faster decrease. It could make an aircraft carrier just be a very expensive empty can.

▲ Decreasing army size of South Korea

The third reason is because of no place to use. South Korea's main enemy is North Korea, and they do not need an aircraft carrier to attack. Also, in the case of Japan and China, China has so many warships than us, so maybe we just have to run away and ask for America's warships, and America will not let Japan and South Korea fight with each other.

Because of the three reasons, the plan to make an aircraft carrier has been delayed for a long time. There are many disadvantages of making an aircraft carrier, but the truth that we have to build it and know how to use it cannot be ignored, too.

by Nam Guemin


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