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     The four-day workweek refers to a system in which one day of Saturdays, Sundays, and weekdays is designated as a holiday, and four days of the week are worked. Recently, the four-day workweek has become a hot topic in politics. It is a topic that has been mentioned by many ruling and opposition candidates in the 2022 presidential election in South Korea. While many people welcome it, there are many opinions against it.

▲ Normal Workweeks

     The main basis for those who consent to the four-day workweek is the long working hours of Koreans. According to the OECD, the average annual working hours in South Korea is 1908 hours, which is the third-highest among OECD members. Based on this, those in favor argue that a four-day workweek should be implemented to encourage talented people in South Korea. Some companies are implementing this. Eduwill, a comprehensive education company, has been implementing a four-day workweek since June 2019. Eduwill employees' work satisfaction increased from 9.14 to 9.73 points, and sales increased from 95.2 billion won to 119.3 billion won.

▲ Increasing Sales

     On the other hand, some people oppose the four-day workweek based on the decline in corporate labor productivity. Concerns that a sharp drop in labor productivity could destabilize the economy and make corporate management more difficult are the reasons. Currently, South Korea's hourly labor productivity is not higher than that of other countries, so only large companies will be able to implement a four-day workweek, which will affect small or medium-sized companies.

▲ Labor Productivity

     In a public opinion in the Republic of South Korea, the pros are more dominant with 51 percent in favor and 41 percent against. Experts say that the introduction of the four-day workweek is a very big change, and the consequences of it should be predicted in detail and decided whether to introduce or not.

2022-04-23 by Jeon Seung Hyun


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