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Since 2020, about one-third of South Koreans have been confirmed COVID-19 virus at least once. Accordingly, the intensity of the quarantine policies is gradually decreasing. Since May 2nd, the South Korean government has been operating a new quarantine system which is called the 'Post Omicron' quarantine system. This system will cause a lot of changes in South Koreans' everyday life.

▲ Abolish of Social Distancing

Some of the main changes of this system are that the duty to wear a mask outdoor will be lifted. Subject to compulsory wearing of mask outdoors will be the ones who cannot distance over two meters or participants of the events which are consisted over 50 people. This also applies to the places where both ceiling and walls exist, such as public transportation. Also, the quarantine authorities of South Korea will decide whether or not to lift the quarantine obligation for COVID-19 confirmed patients around 23rd. Moreover, the social distancing policies will be abolished after two years and a month.

▲ Duty to Wear Mask Outdoor Lifted

The 'Post Omicron' system was discussed after the South Korea centers for Disease Control and Prevention reclassified the COVID-19 virus from the first rank to the second rank. Even though the intensity of the quarantine policies is decreased, the government will prepare to switch this system to an emergency system at any time to prevent community expansion.

▲ Omicron Variant

As the number of confirmed people, death cases, and the fatality rate are all decreasing, many experts are expecting the COVID-19 virus situation will end within the next two years. They evaluate this system as the biggest change in the quarantine system since 2020. However, they are stating that South Koreans should be ready to prepare for other emergency epidemic situations like the last two years.

2022-05-21 by Jeon Seung Hyun


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