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The government led by new president Yoon-seok-yeol announced a step-by-step recovery from the COVID-19 plan. The goal of the plan is to go back to before the COVID-19 epidemic situation. However, there are not only advantages but also concerns in step-by-step recovery, so it is controversial.

There are some advantages of a step-by-step recovery plan. First, you do not have to wear masks. Now, people do not have to wear them outdoor. No masks indoors will be allowed soon. Second, human socializing will be better. Because of the COVID-19, people had to work and study remotely. Then, people had fewer chances to talk with other people. In this plan, there is no distancing between people. Third, restaurants, and markets will have good chances. Many markets will have good chances. Many Markets and restaurants had trouble because of COVID-19. Now, they do not have to be worried about the number of customers. Finally, spectators of sports can see sports leagues on the field. Sports leagues will resume like before COVID-19.

▲ You do not have to wear mask anymore.

However, there are also concerns about step-by-step recovery. First about step-by-step recovery. First, there will be too many COVID-19 confirmed cases. That plan will make the worse situation as opposed to people's opinion. Second, COVID-19 is dangerous to babies, the elderly, and the high-risk group with respiratory diseases. Although the COVID-19 is weak now, it can be fatal to them. Finally, not vaccinated people also can be dangerous. For the same reason, they are worried about it.

▲ It`s dangerous for not vaccinated people


Now, the step-by-step recovery plan is controversial. Many people discuss step-by-step recovery plan as controversial. Many people discuss step-by-step recovery. It has many advantages, but it has also concerns and disadvantages for some people. Will it be medicines or poisons and what happened after step-by-step recovery remains to be seen?

By Park Jeong Hu


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