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Many people, regardless of their age, are using social media. They use it to communicate with other people, to spend their free time, to get or search for some information, and even to do their work. Social media has developed really fast. In the past, we could only send some messages with our phones. However, we can do a lot of things like communication and work by using social media now. Social media also is more accessible than what we used in the past, so we can communicate with other people, anytime and anywhere.

Because of the development of social media, many jobs are created or improved. For example, YouTubers were created, so YouTubers make money by giving some practical or useful information and giving fun with viewers. Because of the increasing number of people like them, a video editor was created also to compile someone's video. Also, medical teams can check patients' health by using social media instead of asking them to come. Second, we can learn things that we did not know. By searching or watching videos, we can get some information. Also, we can have updated news about our friends that we cannot meet right now.

▲ many social medias

However, there are disadvantages, too. First, rumors can be spread fast. So, many people are attacked with fake news, and some get hurt. Similarly, mean comments can hurt someone. It can wound someone can even cause suicide. Many celebrities died by committing suicide because of some people's mean comments. Third, our privacy can be in danger. We can post our information or someone's information, but someone can hack our information.

To sum up, social media is a helpful tool that can improve our lifestyles. However, because many people use it, we should use it well.

▲ connecting with other people by using social media

by So Yi Park


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