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S-oil is one of the largest oil companies in South Korea. One person was killed and nine people were injured by the S-oil factory explosion. It was tragic. On May 19, 2022, the S-oil factory in Ulsan exploded with the sound 'Bang'. On this day, there were twenty-four people in the factors, and ten people died and others were injured. People who live around the factory said that they felt like an earthquake. Instantly, firefighters went to the factory and tried to put out the fire. However, it took a very long time to put out the fire because there was a lot of oil in the factory. Consequently, one person died.

▲ S-oil factory exploded

Like this tragic, there was a similar disaster in a factory in South Korea in 2019. On December 28, Kim Yong Gyun who worked in a thermal power generation plant died in his workplace. After the disaster, congress legislated the Serious Disaster Punishment Law which is sometimes called the Kim Yong Gyun law. Then, the CEO of S-oil will be punished by this law after the investigation. Two days later after the disaster on May 22, the Ceo of S-oil apologized for it. After that, the administrator of S-Oil in Ulsan held a press conference. In the Conference, the administrator proclaimed that the fire was put out thoroughly, and they will make teams and investigate the cause of the disaster to follow the Serious disaster Law. S-oil also proclaimed that they will compensate the victim.

▲ S-oil will make committee

Whether a disaster that is similar to it will happen again in S-oil or not is depend on S-Oil. S-oil will have to investigate the cause of it thoroughly and compensate for it.

By Park Jeong Hu


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