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Last Sunday and Monday, May 29~30, South Korea had marine scientific research around Dokdo. Then, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, spokesman for the Japanese government, said that it is unacceptable for South Korea to conduct marine scientific research in japan's EEZ without prior consent, so stop immediately. Why does Japan always say this coercion argument that Dokdo is Japan's land?

▲ Picture of Dokdo

Before talking about this, we have to know why Dokdo is South Korea's land. First, let us know about the evidence made in South Korea. The oldest evidence is that Dokdo was a land of Usanguk that Shilla's general Isabu occupied. This record says Isabu occupied Dokdo in A.D. 512. The next evidence is the most popular evidence, which is from the Annals of King Sejong. it says that Usan(Dokdo)and Mureung(Ulleungdo) are two islands in the sea to the est of Uljin-hyeon. The two islands are not far from each other, so you can see them when the weather is clear. The third one is from Shinjeung Dongguk Yeoji Seungram in A.D. 1531. In this book, it says something about Usando as a Usando and Ulleungdo and it is also called Mureung or Ureung. The two islands are in the sea to the est of Uljin-hyeon.

▲ Part of Annals of King Sejong saying about Dokdo

Next, let us look at the evidence from the other country. Paradoxically, Japan has the most evidence which says Dokdo to South Korea's land. To see Eunji Cheonghapgi, we can see that Japan's northwest boundary is Oki Island, and Dokdo is excluded from Japanese territory, Or you can see the Revised Japanese Yeojiro Jeongjeon map, that Dokdo is also non-Japan's land.

Then, why does Japan try to get this little island knowing they will have a bad relationship with South Korea? The biggest reason is because of Dokdo's sea resources, Dokdo has 600 million ~ 2 billion of gas hydrate and 200 million of phosphorite.

Like this, Dokdo is completely South Korea's land, and it has a lot of possibilities for the future. Let us know about it and teach it to the descendants.

by Nam Guemin


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