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Global warming is a serious problem on Earth. Most countries have different damages, and South Korea has it, too. Korean people are observing that the four seasons of South Korea are disappearing because of global warming.

▲ The Earth is destroyed by global warming.

Because of global warming, the number of disasters is increasing. The drought that starts in spring distresses some people. Because of the long drought, the crops cannot be grown on that land, so the farmers have big damage. Also, heavy rain is a problem. Because the climate changes from global warming, heavy rain occurs often, so it causes more avalanches and typhoons.

Additionally, the change in the ecosystem is appearing because of global warming. Some insects from other countries that live in hot areas move to South Korea. Harmful insects in crops are increasing, too. Because of this, many countries including South Korea have a shortage of food. Also, the fruits are affected by global warming. Global warming changes our agricultural topographic map, so the area of production of the fruits that grow in cold areas such as apples, grapes, and peaches is decreasing.

To suppress and prevent global warming, South Korea makes effort by developing new renewable energy that can reduce the consumption of carbon dioxide. They are developing tidal stream power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, and geothermal power generation. They make wind power plants and change the power of the wind to electricity. They install solar panels on the roof of buildings and houses. Also, they make a house that can change the geothermal power to electricity. Hydrogen energy is one of the most popular new renewable energies, so South Korea makes cars that use hydrogen energy and is trying commercialization.

▲ the solar panels

by So Yi Park


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