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When I was a child, I live in Mokdong near Kimpo Airport. Therefore, I have started to see a lot of airplanes since I was little, and naturally, I became interested in them.

As a result, my dream was decided to be a pilot. Since then, I have researched various planes. I will share it with you guys in this article.

First of all, aircraft can be divided into two main types, BOEING and AIRBUS. What are the similarities and differences between the two? Let us find out.

BOEING was a company that made aircraft to carry missiles and nuclear weapons during World War II.

But when the war was over, they expanded their industry and started making the aircraft we are currently riding.

If you look at the model names of BOEING airplanes, you can see that they have three-digit numbers attached to them (B737, B787, B777, etc).

The letter B stands for the company's name BOEING, and the number 7 means it is civil aircraft.

And also other two digits are given according to the time of manufacture.

BOEING was popular enough to monopolize the aircraft industry at first, but the airlines these days prefer AIRBUS because the B737 max crashed twice in a row in 2018.

Now, let us talk about AIRBUS.

AIRBUS has always been number two in the aircraft category.

Nevertheless, due to the crash of BOEING 737 max, it gained popularity quickly.

Moreover, since many countries are purchasing a lot of AIRBUS than BOEING for safety reasons, it is no exaggeration to say that AIRBUS is in its prime now.

AIRBUS, like BOEING, has a three-digit number attached to the model name (A330, A320, and A340).

The principle of assigning a model name is the same as that of BOEING.

So far, we have looked at BOEING and AIRBUS. I hope that the COVID19 situation will end soon and much more airplanes will fly in the sky than now.

By Geonhee Kim


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