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▲ 사진 출처 : 매일경제

Psy has finally come back to South Korea with his 9th album 'Ssa-da-gu(to 9)' (a Korean play on words, meaning a slap) on May 4th, 2022.

His new tracks, including 'That That', are winning sensational popularity in South Korea and other countries.

The music video for the title track of the album, 'That That', which is produced and features Suga of BTS, recorded over 100M views on YouTube a day after it was released.

According to K-pop critics, the reason for the music video's popularity is not only that it reflects the expectation of Psy's fans but BTS' as well.

Psy revealed that the hidden meaning of the music video for 'That That' is that Psy wants to leave 'Gangnam Style' behind as his glory of the past.

▲ 사진 출처 : 매일경제

This album is his first since after the pandemic.

So, fans of Psy are waiting for his in-person concert.

According to the comments for the 'That That' music video, most of the viewers commented that they want to go to the concert to scream and dance.

Psy's concert is expected to be held in July 2022.

Psy and his fans are looking forward to 'That That' being a new global hit for Psy after 'Gangnam Style' in 2012.

by Ha Yoon-soo


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